Eric Gandler, the visionary owner of Development Electric, is not your ordinary commercial electrician. Holding a Master Fire Alarm and Security License from New York State, he has elevated the standards of safety and security in the field.

This exceptional license, when combined with his existing electrical license, propels Eric to bid on and execute the most significant commercial and industrial contracts across the state. It’s a testament to his commitment to excellence and the safety of his clients.

Why Does the Master Fire Alarm and Security License Matter?

  1. Versatility in Project Scope: With this dual license, Eric can seamlessly transition between electrical projects and comprehensive safety and security installations. From intricate wiring to advanced security systems, he has the expertise to cover it all.
  2. Bidding on Major Contracts: The Master License empowers Development Electric to compete for and handle large-scale projects. This includes industrial contracts that demand a robust combination of electrical and security solutions.
  3. Enhanced Safety Measures: Your safety is Eric’s top priority. The Master Fire Alarm and Security License ensure that every project adheres to the highest safety standards, providing you with peace of mind.

Beyond Electrical Excellence: A Trusted Partner for Safety and Security

At Development Electric, Eric Gandler goes beyond traditional electrical services. He’s your partner in creating spaces that are not only powered efficiently but also safeguarded comprehensively. His commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your project.

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